January 8-12: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
February 12-15: Key Largo, Florida
March 7-9: New York City, New York
March 10-11: Washington D.C.
March 12-18: Ireland
March 19-21: St. Louis, Missouri
March 21-22: Indiana
April 5-9: Colorado
April 14-19: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
May 6-9: San Francisco, California
May 19-25: Costa Rica
June 4-5: Michigan
June 15-17: Nice, France
June 17-19: Switzerland
June 19-22: Amsterdam
June 22-25: Vienna, Austria
June 25-28: Budapest, Hungary
August 17-24: Italy
November 12-17: Dominican Republic

Always packing my bags and exploring new cities and states. Reach out to me to add another travel date to my schedule here {CTA to contact form}. If you are booking me for a date and location already on my schedule, then all travel fees will be waived. Inquire to find out more details on travel and pricing.

2020 Travel Schedule

travel schedule

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