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Chicago-based wedding photographer for the brides and grooms wanting a stress-free wedding day. 

stress-free + comfortable wedding day.
Chicago-based wedding photographer for the brides and grooms wanting a 

based in chicago, illinois, and booking worldwide. Let's get your date on my calendar!

• helping you plan + prep for your day
• bringing a new level of comfort to your experience
• Candid laughter
• Your LOVE having the time of THEIR LIFE
• The two of you feeling at ease to be 100% you

Well then, you’ve come to the right place.

I specialize in providing an experience that takes you from desiring those dream photographs to: 

You’re dying for wedding photographs like the ones you see on Pinterest. But maybe you hate getting your picture taken. Or you enjoy it, but you feel awkward. Or you’re worried your boo is gonna hate all of this picture-taking stuff. Or, more commonly, ALL THREE?

let's just address the elephant in the rooM:

Oh my goodness, you’re engaged!

Popping all the champagne and sending lots of celebration emojis your way from Chicago, Illinois!

All of which will result in you having those dream photographs.

Always laughing (at myself), blaring music while exercising, and booking my next travel adventure. If you’re into the enneagram test, I’m a 7w8, which means I’m super fun and energetic, but also take charge and lead—qualities every couple needs on their wedding day.


Meet your photographer:

-Hayley + Aaron

“She was like family to us and continued to support us through what was a very chaotic day. She took the time to help us pause and remember why this day was special. Teresa made us feel electric and we had SO MUCH FUN taking pictures with each other.”

-Mallory + Trevor

“Teresa had so much energy to meet each moment that I didn't even have TIME to think about feeling uncomfortable! We could just be ourselves and be so full of joy and she was just there literally cheering us on and capturing every moment and every feeling. We especially loved dancing/running around before the ceremony, getting super joyful and fun "just us" shots. Definitely calmed my crazed nerves! Even during the planning process she was so helpful and so ok with me over communicating everything and all the craziness that came with it.”

-Kiersten + Brandon

“Teresa and Rosie went above and beyond! She kept me on schedule and even helped with other things she was not obligated to do. I’m very thankful and happy with her services. She is highly recommended and will be my go to photographer for life!”

-Kinsley + Zach

“Teresa made the day go according to plan, seriously. Without her, the schedule would’ve been a mess. She has the best ideas to get the perfect shots and she continuously has you laughing. I would highly recommend Teresa to any bride! She’s amazing!"

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