If this has you thinking, “Wow, she gets me,” then:

• You wanna party the night away with your bestie - and have photo evidence of it
• You’re down to roll with the punches regardless of the weather forecast
• You're ready for candid, unposed, and emotion-filled moments captured (Don’t worry—I’ll still get posed family pictures and the photos of you two to make grandma and mom happy)
• You want to be fully present on your day, all while having every moment captured that you can look back on for years and years (and years) to come

I AM your girl if:

The moment you speak your vows. Proclaiming those vows to all of your people there to witness. The moment you have that FIRST KISS that says “we’re married!” The moment your favorite people toast to you and your love. The tight hugs, the tears, the laughter, the dancing all night, while hugging your people.

Your day is about you two. And it’s about those who are there to celebrate YOU and your love. And I’m here to be an energy-machine addition to your clan.

If you’re looking for a photographer who only views you as a date on the calendar, then I'm not your girl.


For the couple-to-be looking for a stress-free wedding day

you're getting married!

I specialize in:
weddings. elopements. couples sessions.

My philosophy? It's simple. If you make the investment in me, I promise I will invest in YOU. Your investment will guarantee high quality, perfectly curated photographs to keep your special day in your heart forever. I don’t just make up a random price. It is carefully calculated to account for my time and commitment. So let’s invest in each other, and I promise you’ll be glad we did.

I take my role so seriously, that most times I end up bustling your dress, fixing grandma’s lipstick, buttoning your dress, DJ-ing your day, holding your flowers, and making sure YOU TWO are stress-free from start to finish. I’m not just a photographer. I’m someone who cares SO deeply about what is sure to be one of the happiest days of your life. 

I get it, especially since I have five sisters and watched each of them plan their weddings on a budget. However, I also know I’m not just a person showing up on your wedding day to take pictures. I literally invest everything that I am into your day.

my offering

Okay fam, I know how real budgets are.

Photographs by Teresa couples value photography deeply. They value more than just a photographer, but a photographer who doubles as a hypewoman, wedding planner, bonus bridesmaid, and dance floor queen. They value the investment, and I'm excited to invest back into you.

Engagements and Couples starting at $800.

Forget the posed pictures, the inauthentic backdrops, and the studio props that just aren’t you. Couples sessions and engagement sessions capture you and your love in YOUR environment. Maybe that’s devouring Jeni's ice cream, smiling down North Ave. Beach, walking the Riverwalk, taking a stroll along your neighborhood, sitting in your fave coffee shop, cuddles in your home, or swimming in the lake. Whatever your thing is, I'm here to capture it!

engagements + couples

Elopements starting at $3000.

Some dream of the big dress, lengthy guest list, and decked out venue. Others prefer an intimate adventure surrounded by picturesque views and a select few loved ones. If the latter sounds like you, then my elopement package may be the perfect fit.


Wedding collections starting at $4500.

Your wedding day matters. And forty years from now, I want you to look back on your photos and remember your day for every person, feeling, and emotion that was involved. I’m your gal if you want a photographer who matches your excitement level (and then some), is here to make you AND your people the most comfortable (your people matter!!), and a photographer that will get down with you on the dance floor (no shame). Get all the details by inquiring with me via my contact form here.

I offer three packages for my weddings. Inquire to learn more about what each one offers and to determine which one is the perfect fit for YOU.


Chicago Elopements | Bridal Sessions | Boudoir Sessions

also offering:

-let's do this thing!

Okay, so are you ready for your ultimate experience with your boo? Ready to be completely FREE from stress on your dream day? It’s time to make things official!


She doesn't make your wedding look beautiful, she takes the beauty in every living being's soul and lets it shine for the life that it is.

   Looking back over our photos she definitely captured the raw and glowing emotions we felt that day and it was perfect. It was EXACTLY what we were looking for! So thankful we found her, and would SO highly recommend her to capture your wedding day.


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