A Dreamy Perfect Vision - Photographs by Teresa

December 12, 2018

A Dreamy Perfect Vision

Couples, Features

A forrest filled with colorful trees.

A family of six, matching outfits.

A family of six, filled with laughter.

A family of six, filled with love for one another.

The most perfect session.

It’s not every day that my schedule with all of the weddings and couples I have, allows me to have room to do Family photo shoots, but when I DO get to do them, my heart is so full.

And this Family shoot? A complete.dream.


Caroline emailed me awhile back saying she had a vision for their Family session, and if you know me, you know I ADORE when anyone starts with “I have a vision.” 

She told me she had bought her baby Iris, a bohemian style romper, and as soon as I read that sentence, I didn’t need to read anymore. My entire being was screaming with excitement to capture this perfect little family!


And with all the expectations I had, they somehow managed to still exceed my expectations in every way. From their genuine smiles and laughter, to the sweet kisses all the little ones gave each other, my heart could hardly take it!!

And the smiles and laughter wasn’t forced in any way. They didn’t come from me directing their posing, or any of that. All of my favorite things about this shoot came straight from the amount of love this sweet, beautiful family has for one another. 

The brother-sister love that each of the kids show towards each other was absolutely heart melting. And the same goes for Caroline and John. The patience they have with their children, the love they have for their children, and the sacrifices that they make for their children day in and day out is so beyond inspiring.

So today is just another day, but a day that I am so thankful. For people like Caroline and John who place their trust in me to capture their beautiful family, and that I had the privilege of capturing stills of that love into memories for years to come.

I love you all. So dang much.


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