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August 20, 2020

Checklist For Wedding Photographers

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Whew! Pre-wedding jitters are a REAL thing, aren’t they??

I don’t know a single wedding photographer that doesn’t get even a few butterflies prior to every wedding day, and that’s so normal. It’s normal to get excited and a little nervous before. It shows that you care and you’re ready to conquer the day.

Okay so you’re wondering how in the heck to set yourself up for success before every wedding day? Wellll, I created a checklist for you prior to each wedding day to make sure that you’re smooth sailing and ready to go!

-Set aside several SD cards for the day

-Make sure all photos on SD cards are backed up on hard drives or in the cloud

-Make sure that those SD cards are formatted

-Charge all camera batteries and extra batteries

-Charge flash batteries

-Charge speaker battery (if you use one)

-Make sure cameras are working properly and take pictures

-Make sure cameras (if you use more than one) are set up for the same exact capture time

-Print out wedding day timeline and put in binder

-Print out family photos and shot list and put it in binder

-Put pen or pencil in binder to check off shot list

-Pack up camera, batteries, SD cards, lenses, speaker, battery charger

-Pack up snacks

-Pack up water

-Pack sweater or jacket

-Pack extra pair of shoes

-Pack ladder

-Pack any additional props

Okay, now feel free to take this use this for all of your wedding days, and utilize it as a check list. I know I struggle all the time trying to remember all the things I need for wedding days.

The key is packing the evening before, and you’ll wake up stress-free the morning of, ready to conquer that wedding day!



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