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November 19, 2020

5 Best Photo Locations in Chicago – Chicago, IL


Let’s face it – Chicago is basically a postcard. Everywhere you look in the city, there are those blue buildings, staring back at you. And I’m obsessed with every city view out there.

After all these years of photographing around the city, I’ve compiled my top 5 favorite spots to photograph at in Chicago. And the most photogenic ones too.

1. North Avenue Beach

North Avenue Beach is by far my favorite spot of them all. It has THE BEST view of the city hands down. Literally a view of the entire city from far away, and to me, ya can’t beat it. It takes my breath away every time I’m there (which is basically every day for a new photo shoot). If you want a beach and water look to your photos, and want THE BEST spot for the city, North Avenue Beach is the one to go with.

2. Lincoln Park Zoo Nature Boardwalk

Lincoln Park Zoo is another favorite of mine, because it has an amazing view of the city, and also has so much nature to go around – something that’s pretty rare to find in Chicago. I LOVE Lincoln Park Zoo for it’s versatile location spots, including the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial area that adds a whole new element to your photos. If you want THE MOST variety, Lincoln Park Zoo – Nature Boardwalk is the place to go with.

3. The Chicago Riverwalk

The Chicago Riverwalk is just a classic. Everything about the Riverwalk to me just SCREAMS Chicago. It has a chic city vibe that you really can’t get anywhere else, and the buildings feel so much closer. If you’re looking for a more up-close look of the Chicago buildings, and want the classic Chicago vibe, the Riverwalk is the place to be.

4. Theatre On The Lake

Theatre On The Lake is also such a beautiful spot for its skyline view, and beautiful lake right beside. Theatre On The Lake is located on Fullerton, and is similar to North Avenue Beach, but more of a further away view of the city, rather than closer.

5. Gold Coast Neighborhood

Gold Coast does not have a view of the city, but is actually a favorite of mine to photograph at, because it brings a whole new element. Gold Coast brings a look of urban and exposed brick and alleys, that a city spot can’t really bring. It has trees and neighborhoods all around, yet still a lot of variety and some nature elements to it as well. If you’re wanting something a bit different and not so “Chicago-like,” Gold Coast is a great choice!

Alrighty, so there are my top 5 favorite spots to photograph at in Chicago. I’ll see ya there!


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