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November 26, 2020

Chicago Couple Does DR Destination Wedding


Y’all know me. You KNOW I always have words. But something about capturing Sam and Drew’s destination wedding in the Dominican Republic, just felt so.dang.special.🥺

I caught myself multiple times getting choked up.

Sam and Drew are from the Chicago area, and booked me to photograph their wedding in Las Terrenas in the Dominican Republic.

The entire day couldn’t have been more perfect.

The way Sam’s girls loved on her so big and cheered her on. The ways Drew’s crew was there for him, making sure he had his tie + suspenders on perfect.👌🏽

The words Drew’s brother Austin, and Sam’s sister Bethany said about them + their memories through the years.

Dancing the night away and toasting with shots made special for them.

Lifting Drew and Sam up on chairs and dancing all around them.

Down to their entire crew being down to jump in the pool at the end of the night.


Drew and Sam were originally planning for a guest count of 70, and their number went down to 15 based on the year’s circumstances.

But their people were there. They were there morning till night hyping them up, crying happy tears, and celebrating them morning till evening.🥺💛

I’ll never forget this day or this couple or these people. What a perfect day 11-14-2020 was.

Celebrating them forever and ever.


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